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The Sertyfied Story


My name is Sertina and I come from a family of creative individuals who have always worked with their hands and have been blessed with the ability to dance, sing, and have sewn a few costumes for my children.

After I had my first child, I suffered severe alopecia (telogen effluvium), compounded with post-partum depression. This was a very low period for me, I lost my self confidence, joy and willpower.  Although I am a trained and certified doctor of physiotherapy, I knew I needed rehabilitation. I believed that I could do more; I wanted to do more, I needed to fix this problem and I needed an outlet and therapy. So I turned to the one thing that has been the signature of my family; my hands. I decided to learn and master making wigs.

At first I tried hand-stitching, it became time consuming. Eventually, I started to practice with a sewing machine and invested in wig making classes. when I made my first professional wig, I received unimaginable amount of compliments and enquires about purchasing a unit. My confidence was restored and the joy reignited in my life. I knew I wanted to empower other women who were suffering from self image insecurities due to hair loss by providing a protective hairstyle option that was durable and looked very natural.

I am grateful for the support of my husband who discovered the company name, my family who encourages me to strive for excellence and the guidance of the Lord in allowing my dream to become a reality in establishing SERTYFIED HAIR.

Sertyfied wigs are not a mask. No, rather, they are intended to help you to put your best foot forward. I can guarantee that in a SERTYFIED wig, your life will never be the same.

Dr. Sertina McGregor Fuller

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